Job Quote Policy

Ram Steel Framing will offer price protection, including any applicable escalators, for a maximum of 180 days from the quote issuance date. Any pricing beyond the 180 day period is for budgetary purposes only and is non-binding.

Quotes will be voided if not activated within 30 days of the quote issuance date. Activation of a quote is defined as a written acknowledgment within 30 days of quote issuance and a minimum shipment of 40,000 pounds for that specific job. All items not quoted will be priced at current list pricing. All items shipped over quoted quantity will be priced at current list pricing.

We will no longer offer price quotes on jobs which are less than 200,000 pounds. As a result, these jobs will sell at the current market price at the time of the shipment.

For lengths over 25′ and under 6′, cut charges may apply. On drywall stud and track there is a 2,000 feet minimum for special cut to length sizes and on structural stud and track there is a 1,000 feet minimum. If minimum is not met, setup charges may be applied.