Pro Stud



ProSTUD Drywall Framing System is a game-changer, setting the new standard for high-performance framing.


Tested & Approved

But wait, there’s more! ProSTUD isn’t just tough on the job site – it’s been put through the wringer in the lab, undergoing comprehensive testing for strength, fire resistance, and sound control.
Code Standards

Meets all the necessary building code standards. 


Comprehensive testing for strength, fire resistance, and sound control. 

Icons location

Available nationwide, so you can get your hands on it everywhere


EASY to Install

The ProSTUD Drywall Framing System combines high-strength steel with patented stiffening enhancements to create the Pro Builders’ most sought-after and innovative drywall framing stud.


And let’s talk about installation – it’s a breeze! ProSTUDs come pre-punched with convenient punchouts strategically placed for rapid wiring, plumbing, and bridging. Whether you’re on Florida’s East Coast, West Coast, or somewhere in between, we’ve got your back with punch spacing tailored to your needs.


So, if you’re looking for a drywall framing solution that’s as clever as it is tough, look no further than ProSTUD. Got a custom request or need some expert advice? Reach out to Ram Steel Sales or your local plant – we’re here to make your construction dreams a reality!



We’re talking high-strength steel here, folks. Combine that with low-profile flange stiffening grooves and double offset web planking, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for unmatched strength and towering heights. We’re reaching for the stars with this one!


Say goodbye to flange fade and screw spinout during drywall installation, thanks to our diamond embossed web. It’s all about stiffness, baby – keeping everything in line and making your job that much easier.

Structural Studs​

The Swiss Army knife of steel studs

Icons Muscle

Super Strong & surprisingly lightweight. Itrs the best of both worlds! 

Icons Diamond

No flange fade and screw spinout thanks to it’s diamond embossed web

Icons location

Easy Cutting and handling making it  hassle free! 

Not just any track

Last but not least, our ProTRAK isn’t just any old stud and track system. With web and leg enhancements, it’s the Superman of construction materials – straight, rigid, and ready to tackle walls, headers, soffits, and bulkheads with ease. It’s basically the best wingman you could ask for on the job site.


So there you have it – the ProTRAK ADVANTAGES in all their glory. If you’re looking for strength, precision, and a little bit of magic thrown in for good measure, look no further. ProTRAK has got you covered.

Let’s Build Together

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