Steel Framing Accessories

RC1 – Resilient Sound Channel

Resilient channel is a highly effective and low cost method of reducing the transmission of airborne sound through walls and ceilings. By separating the drywall from the studs, the channel minimizes the direct path by which sound travels through the framing.

Z Furring Channel

Z Furring Channel, allows you to create a firmer and more level foundation to support rigid drywall. Developed for use on concrete and masonry walls, Z Furring Channel is heavy-duty enough to supplement the strongest of structures.


90º and 135º degrees of steel for all your bridging, bracing, and blocking needs. Angle gives you perfect corners to connect framing or reinforce studs and track. Get the angle right every time.

Furring Channel

Furring Channel (also known as “Hat” channel) is a cost-effective way to ensure even walls. Our simple-to-use Furring Channel installs easily with gypsum products to create level ceiling and wall systems. Protecting your interior and exterior framing members from uneven surfaces, flames, and moisture.

Cold-Rolled Channel

Cold-Rolled Channel can be used for multiple applications, as its compact design maximizes strength within a wall system. From stiffening framing systems to suspending ceilings.

Flat Stock

Flat Stock (or strap) is useful on any jobsite. Since it undergoes less manufacturing, it is an affordable option for bracing walls and is great to have on-hand during the build.